Verbal Test 2 - VT2

Only ten questions to answer.

This test might be described as philosophical and cryptic. 

One attempt allowed.

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A first preliminary norm will be calculated after 30 submissions.

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 If you looked at it in black and white you would probebly not see it.

Answer: Colors

1. In this sentence you will find your answer for the number that are needed for the answer.

2. If my color is light what color am I ?

3. You only got it once and then it´s gone.

4. To the right I got 99. What is left ?

5. If yellow is a color. What is black ?

6. Compare this with that and that with this. What is the difference ?

7. Number one is one. What is 22 ?

8. What do you need for use the term high ?

9. If one is after two. What comes next ?

10. Here you got something. What is it ?